Refrigerator Aisle Kit


The Refrigerator Aisle Kit contains everything required for both detecting occupants within an aisle of commercial style refrigerator/freezer cases and controlling the cases' internal LED lighting. The sensors unique, but unobtrusive design utilizes a removable mounting plate enabling simple installation, and an RJ-45 connection that makes wiring clean and easy. The sensor utilizes Passive Infrared (PIR) detection to detect motion from occupants within its view pattern. Besides the sensor itself, the kit also includes the necessary power pack and cabling for interconnecting the two devices.


  • Refrigerator / Freezer Aisles


The sensor detects changes in the infrared energy given off by occupants as they move within the field-of-view. When occupancy is detected, a relay located within the power pack is signaled to switch the line voltage lighting load on. The sensor is powered with 15 VDC provided from the power pack. An internal timer, factory set at 30 seconds, keeps the lights on during brief periods of no activity. This timer is push-button programmable, and is reset every time occupancy is re-detected. This state-of-the-art design requires no manual field adjustments. To assist with scheduling relamping, the sensor has a built-in lamp runtime counter and switch counter, both of which can be read out via the units LED.


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