Company Overview (Download brochure)

Founded in 1987, Sensor Switch is the industry leader in developing Occupancy Sensor Products & Technology for Lighting Control. Since that time, we have built a long list of satisfied users across diverse applications. Schools, warehouses, factories, offices, government buildings, retail stores... you name it, we've sensored it! Our years of experience and wide breadth of sensor and photocell products ensure we can provide a reliable solution for any application or building type. And while the industry struggles to catch up, Sensor Switch keeps moving further ahead by introducing new products and technologies.

Product Highlights

Sensor Switch's products have many features that make them the most technologically advanced in the industry:

  • Continuous coverage patterns for Small Motion Detection
  • Our Passive Dual Technology (PIR / Microphonics™) can literally "See & Hear" into areas with obstructions
  • Relay Circuit Protection tested for over 400,000 switching cycles
  • Widest array of sensors offered from any manufacturer
  • Engineered and manufactured in the USA

Technical Services

To assist customers in the confusing world of lighting controls, Sensor Switch provides advanced technical services such as:

  • Modeling of facility lighting and occupancy patterns using our Data Logger Monitoring System
  • Project layout and design using AutoCAD Software with custom Sensor Switch menus and symbols
  • Hands-On Training at our on-site center

Sensor Technology(Download FLYEr)

Sensor Switch is an Engineering Driven Company with several patents to its credit. Our sensors are constantly being improved; recent enhances to our product line include:

  • Integration of a microcontroller into our sensors, enabling push button control and other advanced features
  • Automatic photocell calibration and dimming control
  • Interchangeable line and load wires on sensors making installation simple

Passive Infrared

Our sensors utilize a Passive Infrared (PIR) dual element detector located behind a multi-segmented Fresnel lens. Each lens segment generates a pair of collector beams. As heat given off by the human body moves in and out of the beams, the detector "sees" this and triggers the occupancy mode. Our lens designs create a continuous array of beams that provide an even coverage so that the occupant can not sit in a "Gap" undetected. Additionally, we fine-tune our sensors to detect small motions even at great distances, while still preventing "false trips".

Microphonics™(Download FLYER)

Microphonics™ technology incorporates a microphone with the PIR detector, providing an ideal solution for areas with obstructions like bathrooms with stalls or open office cubicle areas. This Passive Dual Technology (PDT) first detects motion using the PIR and then engages the microphone to listen for continued occupancy. Sophisticated circuitry tunes the sound detection to sudden noise changes only and filters out the background "white" noise. Patented by Sensor Switch, Microphonics™ provides a completely passive alternative to active ultrasound methods of detection.